Jičín Czech Republic’s Fairytale City

After my walk in Bohemian Paradise, I stop at the first town on the way. Jičín is a place that is not in the itinerary but makes you say: ‘glad that I’m here.

After parking the car, I walk towards the town square. It is clear from the cute houses and shop signs on the road that something good is waiting for me.

Side streets of Jicin

The town is also known as the birthplace of the character Rumcajs, the Czechoslovak version of Robin Hood. Rumcajs, a shoemaker in Jičín, goes to the mayor one day. Although the mayor claims he has the largest shoe size ever, Rumcajs says he’s seen even larger ones. After that, the mayor kicks Rumcajs out of town. Rumcajs’ fight against the villains begins while living in the forest.

Rumcajs 🙂 Source: Wikipedia

Jičín is called “město pohádky”, meaning fairy tale city. I learned this information later, and what a coincidence, when I stepped into Valdstejn Square, the colourful houses and clock tower first brought fairy tales to my mind.

All roads lead to Valdstejn square

The town hosts fairy tale days every year. If you are interested, the next fairy tale days will be announced on the following site (link).

Go creative

What To Do in Jičín?

Activities to do in this small town:

  • Lookout from the clock tower (Valdická brána)
  • Jicin Castle – The castle, which is the most eye-catching building on the square, hosts several exhibitions. There is also a small beer pub in the castle garden (link).
Jicin Castle
Castle Gardens
  • Going to Rumcajs’ Workshop – activities for kids are held in this small museum (In Czech of course 🙂 link here.
Bells for the fairytale events
  • Wallenstein Loggia (Valdštejnská lodžie) – Culture and art activities are ongoing throughout the year in the Baroque building, located in a beautiful garden outside the town. (link).

Colourful houses recalled the taste of ice cream, and I went to a cafe (Ice Caffee Adria) just ahead of the tower. After getting the ice cream, the waiter said “thank you” in Turkish. It turned out that an Albanian family was running this place, and they learned Turkish by watching Turkish TV series. What a coincidence!

yummy icecream

I don’t know when I will go to this fairy tale city again, but I left here happy like a child.

City Square

If you wonder about this fairytale city, check out my YouTube channel.

Stay curious until the next post,

One-Day Wonder

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