Winter is coming- Film festivals in Prague

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Winter is knocking the door… This is a sign of the film festivals in Prague.

Before I moved here I had no clue about what to do in the cold winter season. Last year I experienced freezing weather and also how to spend time during these months. Film festivals are one of them, it’s amazing how people come together and fill up huge cinema halls like Lucerna or Světozor. You can always enjoy Czech aperitifs after the films or if it’s an Iranian or Indian film festival you can taste the local food from different countries right before entering to the cinema.

Kino Lucerna is one of the venues for Prague film festivals

Here’s the list of film festivals during the October-December period which will help cinema-addicts to improve their winter-mood:

  • 3Kino

Central European Film Festival

When: 11.10.2019-14.10.2019

Where: Kino Lucerna, Kino Světozor, Kino Atlas, and Kino Evald



Films from Germany, Switzerland and Austria

When: 16. 10.2019 – 22.10. 2019

Where: Kino Lucerna


  • Prague Bollywood Festival

Indian film festival with traditional market. You can enjoy Bollywood Dance Workshop on 18th of October.

When: 17. 10.2019-20. 10. 2019

Where:  Kino Světozor


  • Verti Films

A film festival in portrait format on a 10 meter long screen.

When: 23.10.2019 at 19.00

Where: National Gallery Prague – Convent of St Agnes of Bohemia

  • Cine Argentino

When: 24. 10. 2019 – 30. 10. 2019

Where: Kino Lucerna


  • Aussie & Kiwi Film Fest

The 5th annual festival of Australian and New Zeland cinema, don’t miss the opening ceremony with war dance in Kino Lucerna

When: 1. 11. 2019–6. 11. 2019

Where: Kino Lucerna and Kino NFA Ponrepo


  • Mezipatra Queer Film Festival

Queer film festival with workshops, discussions and parties.

When: 7.11.2019 – 13. 11. 2019

Where: Kino Lucerna, Kino Světozor and Kino Pilotů


  • Nordic Film Autumn 

Films from up north with unforgettable scenery.

When: 14.11.2019 – 19. 11. 2019

Where: Kino Lucerna

  • Sherpa Fest

Mountain and climbing film festival.

When: 16.11.2019 –  12.00 – 23.30

Where: Kino Aero


  • French Film Festival

The French film festival is held since 1998.

When: 20.11.2019 –27. 11. 2019

Where: Various places (Festival program is not announced yet)


  • Mittel Cinema Fest

Italian Film Festival

When: 28. 11. 2019 – 4. 12. 2019 

Where: Kino Lucerna


If you’re visiting Prague out of the film season, you can always visit Kino Lucerna which is a historical cinema dates back to 1907. The Art Nouveau styled cinema hall is marvelous. Or take have a break in its café and looking at one of the famous artworks of David Černý.

Cafe at Kino Lucerna

Stay curious until the next post,

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