Prague Leica Gallery

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I visited the Leica Gallery for the first time to see the Josef Chuchma’s Cut-outs (of normalization) exhibition. As an expat living in Prague for less than two years, I am open to learning about the historical background of the country. I believe that exhibitions are my best bet to do it. On a grey day, this was my only motivation to be able to go out.

Leica is a worldwide known brand for sure. The company established in Germany and invented the ancestors of 35mm analogue cameras, which were used frequently before digitalisation. The high-quality products became like bread and water for the famous photographers. You can explore the world-renowned and legendary photographs taken with Leica cameras via this link.

Leica Gallery

The gallery is 5 minute by walking from the Wenceslas Square. Prague Leica Gallery opened in 2002 and is mainly hosting the Czech and Slovak artists. Don’t rush and take your time during your visit. It has a fascinating library and a cozy cafe inside.

Josef Chuchma Cut-outs (of normalization) Exhibition

In 1968 the freedom and equality movements started in Czechoslovakia like as other parts of the world. The same year on August 21, the Warsaw Pact armies invaded the country. The time between the occupation until the Velvet Revolution is known as “normalization/normalizace” period. Contrary to what is understood, during that period the pressure of the political authority increased. As a result of that, many intellectuals and artists who were participating in the reform movements exiled.

The gallery has a cozy atmosphere

At this point, Josef Chuchma documented the daily life between 1975 and 1985. In the exhibition, the photographs were reflecting the stagnant atmosphere of the normalization period; families in the summer gardens, Labour Day parades, the antique shops and the children playing on the streets. On the other hand, he photographed a youth concert held in 1979, which was full of hope and enthusiasm which did not disappear even that days.

When Chuchuma was 16 years old, he took a stunning portrait of world-renowned Czech photographer Josef Sudek, who was 79 years old at the time. That photograph was one of the most important works in the exhibition showing the great courage of Josef Chuchuma.

Taking images was not allowed, so I hope you come across this exhibition 🙂

When I saw the library for the first time – “I wish it was mine”

You can reach the gallery’s working hours and exhibition information at When you’re leaving the gallery, cross the road and take look at the marvelous facade of the building.

Stay curious until the next post,

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