Stromovka Park-A weekend walk in Prague

Prague is a small city with various parks in different concepts. Ever since I moved here, I started to visits parks more often to read a book under a tree, to sunbathe, and to observe the people. Stromovka Park, located out of the touristic zone, is also known as the Central Park of Prague. More than that, if you like slacklining (walking on a tightrope) and hammocking (sleeping in a hammock), this park is for you! I prefer the second one 🙂

Stromovka Park on Youtube

History of Stromovka Park

The history of the 95-hectare park dates back to the 13th century. Like other organized parks in Prague, this place was the hunting reserve for the king. A mansion overlooking the park and a lush green area, what more could one want? Back in history, these huge parks were only open to the public for certain occasions like religious holidays or celebrations.

Ponds in Stromovka

One of the most surprising things about the park is the water tunnel built in 1583.The Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II ordered a tunnel from the Vltava River to the park for the ducks sailing in the ponds. The capital letter “R” and the year with Roman numerals is visible on the entrance door of the tunnel.

Governor’s Summer House

Even though the name is like this, the governor doesn’t reside here. Six hundred years ago, a small castle built as a summer house but sadly destroyed during the Thirty Years’ wars. Instead, such a beautiful neo-gothic building constructed in the 1800s.

Summer house overlooking to the scenery

Today the building, which has a bird’s-eye perspective, is connected to the National Museum and hosting a journal collection. As I visited out of working hours, I could not get in. If you have any chance, please share your experience with me 🙂

Šlechtova Restaurant

This building was the Royal Hall during the kingdoms’ era. After that very famous restaurant until World War II and an abandoned place during the communist regime. Supposedly, Apollo and Venus glamorously depicted, but due to the ongoing renovation, I had no chance to see them.

Šlechtova Restaurant

Vozovna Restaurant

Vozovna means station or depot in Czech. There’s a playground next to the restaurant and various cold drinks, which makes life bearable during hot summer days.

Stromovka Public BBQs

Moving from a country where the grill is the main leisure activity, of course, the public barbecues are catching my attention. Just bring your food and rent a barbecue from the link below. The grills are along the Vltava, and prices range from 50 to 100 czk.

Stromovka Park Map- source

Prague Planetarium

I heard the word “planetarium” for the first time in Prague. The planetarium has a dome-shaped ceiling, and you can see the sky with the help of various optical instruments. It is a fun place for kids and curious adults as well.

Planetarium-1 to 1 model of the first module landed to Moon-Eagle

How to get to Stromovka Park?

You can take any tram passing through the Výstaviště Holešovice tram stop.

However, my favorite means of transportation is the historical tram number 41. After a walk in the Stromovka park, you can take tram number 41 and travel to Prague Castle in this nostalgic tram. Visit my Youtube to take a virtual tour:

My experience with the historical tram

My Favorite Places to See Close to Stromovka Park

  • Industrial Palace and Lapidarium: When you get off the tram, you will see a gorgeous building with a clock tower on your right. Built-in 1891 for trade fairs, Industrial Palace is just perfect for architectural photography. Also, visit the Lapidarium Museum for the original six sculptures of the Charles Bridge and other baroque artworks.
Industrial Palace and Lapidarium
  • Trade Fair Palace: My favorite museum. You can have a look at my blog post here. Get ready to spend a whole day at the Trade Fair Palace.
  • Troja Castle and Prague Zoo – A local advice, come to Prague in the apple season and visit the gardens of Troja Castle. Although I don’t visit the zoos for a long time, I heard that Prague zoo has a beautiful walking trail.
The route from Stromovka Park to Troja Castle-Source
  • Containall – Stromovka: Visit this place, which is only open between May and September, for an alternative Prague experience.
  • BIO OKO: Choose your seat among various options, a deck chair or a barber chair. The program of this unique cinema is here. Expert tip: visit the cinema during the festival season.

Stay curious until the next post,

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