10 Souvenirs to buy in Prague

Prague, one of the most touristic cities in Europe is known for the local products besides the historical architecture. Let’s say you are about to come to the end of your trip to Prague, and the question in your mind “what should I buy as a souvenir?”. Did you know that apart from classic souvenirs, you can buy many things with different tastes from the supermarkets such as Tesco, Albert and Billa?

Souvenirs from a Supermarket

Today, we’ll take a supermarket tour and select the goods which will not weigh too much and at a reasonable price. I chose Tesco (www.tesco.cz) as it’s the most frequent app that I use. Divide the prices by 25 and you can find the Euro equivalent. By the way, I don’t have any cooperation with Tesco yet 🙂


It is said that around twenty different herbs are used in the secret recipe of Becherovka produced in Karlovy Vary. Drinking as an aperitif, Becherovka tastes like Jägermeister. You can also prepare different cocktails by trying the recipes from their website. One litre of Becherovka is 300 Czech Crowns.

Becherovka produced in Karlovy Vary

2. Wafer

A local product of the spa towns of Karlovy Vary and Marianske Lázně is recognized as a regional product by the EU. Every time I travel to Turkey, I place the chocolate, vanilla or pistachio wafers in my luggage. 200g wafer costs 60 Czech crowns.

Wafer from spa towns as a souvenir

3. Cheese

I read in an article that hundreds of different cheeses are produced in the Czech Republic. I’ve chosen three for now. If you have a thermal bag with you, you can deliver these cheeses to your home without spoiling.


Similar to Camembert, Hermelín is a cheese from the town of Sedlčany. It is usually fried in a pan or grilled and served with cranberry jam. 100g of Hermelin is for 35 Czech crowns.

Czech local cheese

Smoked Cheese

One of the things I love about Czech cuisine is smoked products. According to what my friends told me, Czechs used to invent incense machines in their own homes because it was expensive to buy machines during communism.

This cheese is produced in the Liptov region. You can serve it with red wine. 180g smoked cheese is only 60 Czech crowns.

Smoked Cheese

Olomouc Cheese

Whoever you ask about this cheese, they first talk about its smell. The smell is quite strong. You can feel it even on the packaging. I ate it cold and mixed it with onions in a Czech restaurant on my trip to Olomouc and it tasted good then. Still, it can be given a chance. One small package for 100g of Olomouc cheese is 33 Czech crowns.

Cheese from East of Czech Republic

4.Marlenka and Medovnik

Made with honey and walnuts, Marlenka was first offered for sale in 1704 by an Armenian master living in Prague. Named after his daughter and wife, this cake is one of the best gifts for me.

While Marlenka is prepared and served in a square shape, Medovnik is served in circles and triangular slices. The small packages of these cakes are great as a Prague souvenir. The price of these cakes varies from 40 to 190 Czech crowns based on the weight.

Honey cake types

5. Beer

Beer is definitely one of the unique gifts that can be taken from a country with the highest beer consumption per capita. You can select a small batch from dark and light beers of the brands such as Pilsner Urquell, Kozel, Radegast, Staropramen, Budvar or Bernard. Half litre of beer is around 10 Czech crowns.

Staropramen produced in Prague

6. Wine

Although it is not as well known as its beers, wine is produced intensively in the south. Those who have visited Prague Castle know that there are vineyards next to the castle. According to legend, King Charles IV gave the order to produce grapes on the vacant lands on the slope. Partly, the vineyards have survived since then, and winemaking is continued as a family profession.

The logo with Czech flag colours on a wine represents local Czech wine. You can buy a bottle of wine for 100 Czech crowns.

A wine from the Znojmo region in southern Czechia

7. Bread

There are bakeries even in the small supermarkets, and each market produces its own bread. You can have breakfast with wheat and rye bread. Large loaves last for about three days. Half a kilo of the loaf is approximately 40 Czech crowns.

kilos of bread

Let’s talk about Rohlik, Czech’s favourite bread. About ten million of these mini drumsticks are produced daily, like one for every person in the country. It’s not my favourite, but it can be eaten like a hot dog with sausages or with jam in the breakfast. And it’s the cheapest bread only 3 Czech crowns.


8. Slivovice

Another gift you can buy from Prague is Slivovice for hard drink lovers. Originally made from plum, this brandy is really hard and can hit at once. I have an unforgettable experience. Half litre of Slivovice is for 360 Czech crowns.

Slivovice with 45% alcohol

9. Kolách

I’m having a hard time stopping myself and not buying Koláč whenever I visit a supermarket. Poppy seeds or fruit jam are placed in the middle of the soft dough and Tvaroh, another Czech cheese sprinkled on the top. One piece of kolach is for 19 Czech crowns.

Yummy Kolach

10. Old Bohemian Bun

One of the pastries that grandmas used to make in Czechoslovakia. You can take it as a sample and try to bake it at home. 1 bun is for 5 Czech crowns.

One of the grandma recipes

Bonus: Meat products

As far as I know, meat products are not allowed while entering many countries. Still, you can try these yummy sausages and salami during your trip to Prague. You can find processed products that can withstand up to 20 degrees without deterioration. The kilogram price varies between 250 and 600 Czech crowns.

Sausages in supermarket

I hope this post helped you to decide what to buy as a souvenir from Prague.

Stay curious until the next post,

One-Day Wonder

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